Nom-studios was founded in 2019. It runs as an online gallery to empower and introduce independent artists, designers and creatives in the forms of artist interviews and studio visits. It aims to create an alternative platform for artists to sell their unique artworks and for collectors to discover new artists on the rise. It focuses on the value of independent artists and aims to enhance their online visibility. 

Nom meaning “name”, nom-studios draw attention to each name/artist through their unique creative power, individual perspectives and their nomadic lifestyles. 

To submit your portfolio please send your biography, artist statement, CV and link to your website and/or social media channels to info@nom-studios.com. 



Undefined Yokai I Ahmet Özcan I 2018




Founder & Managers / Yonca Keremoğlu & Melih Avcılar 

Web Design / Sandra Peso 

Branding / Begüm Bahcecik 

Photography / Sırma Aksüyek